Vessel Assist Santa Cruz, California, Has New Owner

Posted: November 27, 2012

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif., November 27, 2012 – Capt. Eric Krilanovich is the new owner of Vessel Assist Santa Cruz, which helps boaters who need a jumpstart, have run out of fuel, broken down or run aground. If Krilanovich’s name sounds familiar to local boaters, it’s because the USCG-licensed captain is a long time harbor fixture – he’s had a boat slip there since 1974, worked as a towboat captain, and is currently a liveaboard resident. Much like an auto club for boaters, Vessel Assist offers on-the-water towing plans for saltwater boaters and anglers for just $149 a year, which includes 24/7 on-the-water assistance as well as BoatUS membership. 

The company offers service from Pillar Point south past Point Sur. “I’m very proud that I can respond quickly, and I enjoy helping other boaters out when they need to get home and have no one to call,” said Capt. Krilanovich. “We’re available 24 hours a day.” The captain, when asked about the reasons why boaters call Vessel Assist Santa Cruz for assistance, said, “Often it’s for the kinds of problems that are unexpected, but routine,” said Krilanovich. “Mechanical breakdowns, battery jumps, or running out of fuel on their way back from Albacore fishing.” 

Vessel Assist Santa Cruz is part of the largest network of towing services in the country, BoatUS Towing Services, with over 300 locations and over 600 towboats. Stationed at the location is a 28-foot Albin red response boat with “Vessel Assist” in white letters along its sides. It is fully rigged for towing, salvage and dive work, carrying extra fuel and engine fluids, pumps and battery “jump packs.” 

Boaters can reach Vessel Assist Santa Cruz 24 hours-a-day at 831-359-0702, through the BoatUS toll-free dispatch service at 800-391-4869, via smartphone with the free BoatUS Towing App, or by hailing on VHF channel 16. To see the company’s location on a map, go to .For more information, go to or call 800-888-4869.

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