Donations Needed to Complete Restoration of Joe DiMaggio's Boat, the Joltin' Joe

Posted: April 11, 2013

By: Lisa P White [Contra Costa Times]

MARTINEZ (CA)-- The slow, painstaking restoration of Joe DiMaggio's powerboat is in the home stretch.

The sides and triple-layered bottom of the boat have been replaced with milled Alaskan cedar. The keel made of oak and Brazilian mahogany is attached. The bottom of the boat is coated with a protective layer of paint.

Today, the Joltin' Joe is a far cry from the rotted shell it was when the restoration work began three years ago.

"The boat isn't going to bring Joe back, but I can tell you it's going to cement a lot of solid, respectful loving, memories," Ray Raineri, chairman of the Joltin' Joe fundraising committee, told the City Council last week.

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