Prototype Drone Boat Gets Upgraded for an Epic Atlantic Crossing

Posted: March 15, 2013

By: Tim Maly [Wired]

A year ago, Greg Holloway set out to build an ocean drone, based on the tiny Raspberry Pi $35 computer.

Wired covered the start of the project, called FishPi, last summer, as Holloway was working on a Proof of Concept Vehicle (POCV), which at that time was essentially an upturned lunch container on the hull of a model ship. Now that he’s approaching the one-year anniversary, the initial testing and research is paying off, and with collaborator Al Gray he’s revealing plans for the final design to the FishPi community.

“When I began the project I had the optimistic expectation of being on the high seas by now,” says Holloway. “FishPi will cross the Atlantic, it might just take a bit longer than I expected!”


“The Proof-Of-Concept Vehicle (POCV) is finished, just about,” says Holloway. “I began the project with little to no experience of robotic control so even the smallest of details has taken, in some cases, weeks of investigation before a decision was made and a part purchased.

” In fact, Holloway says, research has ended up being the bulk of his time on the project, to which he’s devoting ten to twenty hours a week.

Perhaps the biggest change is the addition of software engineer Al Gray to the team.

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