The Titanic: Facts About the 'Unsinkable' Ship

Posted: July 11, 2013

By: Douglass Main [Live Science]

When it was built, the Titanic was the largest moving human-made object in the world. It had many new features, including remotely sealable compartments that led to it being deemed "unsinkable." Alas, it was not.

About the ship

The RMS Titanic was built by the White Star line, which was a competitor to another shipbuilding company, Cunard. In 1907, Cunard made major waves by building the Lusitania and the Mauretania, which set speed records crossing the Atlantic. To compete, White Star Line decided to build several large vessels known for their comfort instead of their speed, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica: the Olympic, the Titanic and the Britannic.

The Titanic was completed in 1912 at a cost of $7.5 million in Belfast, Ireland (although nowadays it's Northern Ireland). It took more than two years to build, and two workers died during its construction. The ship was 882 feet (270 meters) long, or more than four city blocks, and more than 92 feet (28 m)high. It weighed an incredible 46,000 tons.

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