Expert Sheds Light On Mystery Carcass That Washed Up On Beach

Posted: May 8, 2013

By: Andres Jaregui [Huffington Post]

A grisly carcass discovered last week on a New Zealand beach looks like the stuff of nightmares: Its mangled, decomposing body, half buried in sand, measures about 30 feet long; its eyeless head houses gaping jaws bearing a dozen or so pointed, cone-like teeth. Is it prehistoric? Is it a prank? Actually, it's probably an orca.

According to New Zealand's Sun Live newspaper, the mysterious remains were found by a group of beach-goers near Pukehina on New Zealand's Bay of Plenty. One of the group posted a video of the so-called "monster" to YouTube on April 28, along with this simple query: "Can anyone identify what it is?"

The video captured the imagination of viewers, who suggested in the comments section that the creature could be anything from a saltwater crocodile to a giant moray eel. But according to marine mammal expert Anton van Helden, the carcass is likely the remains of a killer whale.

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