The Exosuit and Accessible Ocean Space

Posted: May 1, 2013

By: Michael Lombardi [Explorer's Journal]

The journey we’re all on indeed has mysterious ways of revealing itself; all the more reason to refine our acute sense of self. More than a quarter century ago, at age 5, I made my first ‘invention’. Using some opportunistic bits and pieces, along with some creativity, I constructed a small scuba diver toy out of Lego’s (the play building blocks) – more than a decade before the company produced such a thing. Be it coincidence, or some fateful event that has come full circle, I am now on the eve of embarking on what I believe will be among the most significant demonstrations of advanced diving technology for science – a series of manned working dives up to 1000 feet of depth in the open ocean to acquire a firsthand snapshot of this alien ocean frontier, coupled with a renewed degree of human interaction.

As I sit here at my kitchen table, I am staring at the hand pod component of the soon-to-be-delivered latest generation Atmospheric Diving System (ADS) Exosuit, designed and constructed by Dr. Phil Nuytten of Nuytco Research Ltd. in Vancouver, British Columbia. I picked up the hand pod this morning from the Diving Division at the J. F. White Contracting Company located in Massachusetts – the owner of this absolutely remarkable new ADS system.

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