Dana Point Harbor: Ready for a Facelift?

Posted: February 26, 2013

By: Taylor Hill [Orange County Register]

For one week in February, Dana Point Harbor frequenters witnessed the first indication of the most significant development in the harbor since its dedication. Strings of orange flags tied atop wooden story poles towered above the existing one- and two-story shops and restaurants, showing the proposed height and outline of the new structures planned in the $140 million revamp of the harbor.

It has taken years – more than 15 of them since project talks began – for the harbor revitalization plan to reach this point; for some, bulldozers and builders constructing new facilities, updated restaurants and new stores and boat docks couldn't come soon enough. For others, the impending changes have been too retail- and commercial-centric for their liking, leading them to question the future of recreational boating in Dana Point Harbor. 

With a few hurdles left to clear, it appears revitalization is on the way, and construction could be coming to Orange County's southernmost harbor by the end of 2014.


A new "commercial core": The county's goal to revitalize both the landside and waterside portions of Dana Point Harbor has been changed over the years. The most recent incarnation includes plans to demolish 13 buildings spread out on the harbor's east side and replace them with structures closer to the harbor's boat launch ramp.

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