Coast Guard Members Walk the Docks of Northern California to Save Lives

Posted: November 13, 2012  |  By: [Press Release]

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Coast Guard members up and down the California coast are conducting free, dock-side inspections for fishermen as part of Operation Safe Crab, an initiative to save lives and prevent accidents.

California’s crab season is scheduled to begin Nov. 15 for the central coast from Avila-Morro Bay, Calif., to the mouth of the Russian River, and Dec. 1 for the northern coast from the Russian River to the Oregon border. Coast Guard personnel will be available on the docks for dockside exams in ports from Monterey, Calif., to Crescent City, Calif., Nov. 6-8 to help identify and mitigate safety hazards in the crab fleet.

All California commercial crab fishermen are encouraged to contact their local Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety examiner with any questions or to schedule an exam.

Please contact the 11th Coast Guard District Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Program Manager at 510-437-5931, or the Northern California CFVS dockside examiner at 510-437-5788 for additional information.

For more information on Operation Safe Crab click here.
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