Chartering a Boat in the San Juans is Easier Than You Might Think

Posted: September 5, 2013

By: Jeff Layton [Seattle Times]

SAN JUAN ISLANDS — I was behind the wheel of the 37-foot sailboat Chinook a few hours out of Bellingham when I spotted my first harbor porpoise. Or rather heard my first porpoise.

Not more than 15 feet off the stern came a “pop-whoosh” sound as it crested and dived back under.

In the week to come, porpoises and seals would become commonplace, but in that moment the animal created euphoria on our boat once I let out the call.

I smiled and surveyed the scene. Off the bow, a matted green canopy of madrona trees clung to the jagged headlands of Sucia Island. We could just see the opening to the inviting, teal-colored bay that would shelter us for the night.

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