Agencies Vow to Work Together to Preserve Salton Sea

Posted: May 15, 2013

By: Ian James [Desert Sun]

SALTON SEA — The Imperial Irrigation District and Imperial County have for years been jostling in court over the terms of a farmland-to-urban water transfer and efforts to preserve the shrinking Salton Sea, and they now have taken an initial step that could move them toward a tentative agreement.

The IID Board of Directors on Tuesday approved a list of joint aims and goals, and said it will work together with Imperial County and the county’s Air Pollution Control District to pursue funding for the Salton Sea as well as geothermal and other renewable energy projects to generate additional funding.


“The county and the IID have been in litigation for the past 10 years. This is the first time the agencies have been able to come together and sit at the table and come to a consensus of how to move forward in the best interest of the region,” said Marion Champion, an IID spokeswoman. “The Salton Sea is in peril. All of the parties involved understand that we are stronger if we work together to make something happen."

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