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Killer Whale Throws Sea Lion 20 Feet in Air -- With a Flick of Its Tail

With a flick of its tail, a killer whale provided a whale of a tale for those aboard a fishing boat in Alaska recently.

Community Boating Center Extends Summer With Additional Camps

Demand sometimes outstrips supply, and that is what the Community Boating Center has experienced this summer with its Sail and Paddlesports Youth Camps.

Still 'Drinkable': 200-Year-Old Booze Found in Shipwreck

A 200-year-old stoneware seltzer bottle that was recently recovered from a shipwreck at the bottom of the Baltic Sea contains alcohol, according to the results of a preliminary analysis.

Ridgewood Teen Says California Swim 'Very Lonely' and Required Another Gear

She saw the sun going down, and worried she might be pulled from the water because she was out of glow sticks and would be invisible to her father and companions in nearby boats guiding her in inky darkness across the Catalina Channel. The previous night of swimming, she said, felt like a dream, and she experienced an emotion that she never before felt while in the water.

From Calif. to Gustavus, By Foot and Kayak

If you're boating through the Inside Passage between Ketchikan and Gustavus in the next few weeks, keep an eye out for Zachary Brown. He's kayaking north through the Alexander Archipelago, the final leg of a journey that started in Northern California. Brown made a pit stop in Ketchikan recently, and we caught up with him at Bar Harbor, as he prepared to resume his trip.

Institute's Research Helps Fuel Monterey Aquarium

MOSS LANDING, Calif. -- They live in a harsh underwater world that is very dark, very deep and very cold.

At 79, Noted Scientist Still Rows to Work and for Play

When the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center relocated from First Hill to South Lake Union in the late 1990s, Dr. Rainer Storb, one of its most prominent scientists, started to commute to work by rowing. Now 79 years old, he still does.

Paddle Into History in the First Los Angles River Boat Race

The City of Angels is fast becoming a city of river enthusiasts thanks to a confluence events: the recognition and protection of the Los Angeles River as a navigable waterway by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under The Clean Water Act; the environmental activism of citizens' groups like Friends of the Los Angeles River and Heal the Bay; and, events to open access to our precious river resources by groups like L.A. River Expeditions and the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation.

This Adorable Baby Sea Lion Needed Help, So it Hopped on a Surf Board

Stephanie Schechter was having a pretty ordinary spring day, up until a sea lion pup jumped up onto her surfboard.

Schooner Martha is Bound for Transpac

The schooner Martha is leaving Aug. 23 for a year-long trip culminating in the Trans-Pacific Yacht Race in July 2015.

The Irvine Co. Proposes Updated Plans for Balboa Marina

NEWPORT BEACH -- The Irvine Company, owners of the six-decade old Balboa Marina located across the channel from Linda Isle, recently revealed updated plans to insert an additional 12 public slips and a public dock into the recreational boating area.

Remember Superyacht Serene? Gates Family is Vacationing Aboard

European news media are reporting that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has chartered a luxury yacht owned by Stolichnaya vodka magnate Yuri Scheffler.

Local Shark Week: 25-Foot Rare Shark Seen in Puget Sound

Grace Coale, 19, wasn't scared when she saw a 3-foot shark fin headed toward her fishing boat.

'Green' Boating Fellowship Teaches Skills, Teamwork

Community Boat Project students, teachers and volunteers recently launched the Fellowship, a rebuilt 1945 Monomoy lifeboat, in Port Hadlock. It has been fitted out as a "green" boat, with a no-emissions propane outboard motor, nontoxic bottom paint, and a self-sufficient energy system with low-draw LED lights and batteries recharged by a solar cell and outboard recovery, and it's ready to take kids sailing.

PAE Rolls out Another Masterpiece with Delivery of Nordhavn 68#25

Dana Point, CA -- (August 12, 2014) -- A fresh-out-of-the-factory floating masterpiece, Nordhavn 68#25 was recently delivered to her owners in Australia, providing Pacific Asian Enterprises Inc. (PAE) with yet another feather in its cap. Karajas is just the latest PAE-produced Nordhavn to be completed with the kind of high-end, customized interior one might find in the pages of a home decor magazine. She is the first Nordhavn to be fashioned in an Art Deco theme, a style the owners employ throughout their home in Sydney and wanted to carry through to their new yacht.


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