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Grand Old Dame Not Far From Flying Again

A group of New Plymouth aircraft enthusiasts are carefully restoring a 70-year-old World War II flying boat.

New Harper Pier is Now Open

The Harper community and Port of Bremerton officials could not have asked for better weather to reopen the newly constructed Harper Pier.

Putting ‘The Joy Back in Turner Joy'

When he interviewed for the director's job at the USS Turner Joy Museum, Jack James was asked if, along with all the public outreach the position involves, he'd be willing to turn a wrench, too.

Watch a 27M-High Slackline Between Two Sailboats

These Volvos travel the ocean instead of the road, and Mich Kemeter might not be Jean-Claude Van Damme, but there's no question the video you'll see below shows off a supreme act of balance.

Bill Boeing’s 1930 Yacht Up For Sale

If this week's Seattle Boat Show has nothing historic and luxurious enough to float your boat, you might like to know that the 125-foot yacht built for Bill Boeing Sr. in 1930 is up for sale in Vancouver, B.C.

Great White Shark ‘Katharine’ May Be Returning

Katharine the great white shark appears to be returning to the coastal waters of Volusia and Flagler counties.

Charleston Marine Life Center Set to Open This Spring

CHARLESTON, Ore. -- Seven years in the making, the Charleston Marine Life Center is set to unveil an up close and personal view of Oregon coastal life this spring. Its opening will mark the debut of the only museum and aquarium of its kind on the Southern Oregon coast.

Royal Rendezvous: Two Historic Ships Say Hello

Finding another realm as lively with lore as the ship world is almost an impossibility. The myriad rules of the ocean, and the hallowed myths, and how ships greet one another, and how the crew conducts itself, and the many (many many) legends surrounding the waters of the world can, and do, fill books.

Channel Islands Landing Marina and Boatyard Keeps Improving Under New Ownership

One year ago, Greg Schem bought Channel Islands Landing Marina and Boatyard from longtime owner Frank Butler. During this time, he has invested $1.5 million as part of the ongoing revamping of the facility.

Paddling the Big Sur Coast

Ive driven Highway 1 along the Big Sur Coast and often wondered whats below those towering cliffs. I found out last October when I kayaked along a good chunk of the breathtaking coastline. Two former U.S. National Rowing Team members, Patrick O'Hea and Will Miller joined me at the trailhead of Andrew Molera State Beach, where we portaged two stand-up paddleboards, one kayak, and a boatload of gear a mile to the water's edge. It was to be our easiest launch over three days. On a full tide, we easily paddled past cresting waves smothered in Elkhorn kelp, leaving the Point Sur Lighthouse in our wake.

Big Ships Prompt a Wave of Upgrades at Ports

Noel Hacegaba, managing director of commercial operations at the Port of Long Beach, looks at the harbor on a recent sunny morning as hulking cargo ships sit anchored, waiting to unload.

Blackbeard's Booty: Pirate Ship Yields Medical Supplies

Archaeologists are excavating the vessel that served as the flagship of the pirate Blackbeard, and the medical equipment they have recovered from the shipwreck suggests the notorious buccaneer had to toil to keep his crew healthy.

Race to Alaska by Sail, Paddle: Daring Dash for a $10,000 Prize

PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. -- Early in June, a motley fleet of small boats will assemble off Port Townsend, and at the sound of a starting gun, race northward. Later that month -- or perhaps the next month -- one of them will arrive in Ketchikan, Alaska, to collect a $10,000 prize and some rare bragging rights.

German-Built Lampuga Board Claimed to be "World's Fastest Electric Surfboard"

Once the domain of a select few products like the Powerski Jetboard, the powered surfboard market has really grown over the past year. During that time, we've seen the underwhelming Waterwolf, the promising, multi-personality Aquila, and the Radinn surfboards. The German-designed Lampuga joins the crowd, bringing with it speeds up to 34 mph (55 km/h) and claims of being the world's fastest e-surfboard.

Rare and 'Horrific': Frilled Shark Startles Fishermen in Australia

Normally, we wouldn't call something a living fossil. But the name seems tailor-made for the frilled shark, whose roots are traced to 80 million years ago. Its prehistoric origins are obvious in its primitive body; nearly all of the rare animal's closest relatives are long extinct.


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