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270-Year-Old Shipwreck May Soon Reveal its Secrets

A British warship that sank off the coast of England 270 years ago may soon reveal its secrets.

Victoria Man Helps Steer 45-Metre Private Yacht Through Northwest Passage

Shelton Dupreez had yet to hear of the Ottawa shooting when he pulled into the Inner Harbour in triumph late Wednesday. Docking a big boat in front of friends and family here had been a dream since age 19, when the Parkland Secondary grad left for Florida and a fast climb up the ladder in the yachting industry.

The Billionaire and the Super Yacht With Sights on the Record Books

When you're a billionaire, you can make an almighty splash.

Rare Pilot Whales Spotted off Dana Point

Leslie Kretschmar was amazed to see a pod of pilot whales, rare in Orange County waters, swim up to the Ocean Institute's boat.

A Story About Fellowship – A Bed and Breakfast on the Water

Have you ever wondered what the story behind the beautiful wooden yacht moored at Swantown Marina guest dock is? Fellowship is her name, and her tale is one full of history and adventure.

Boater Registration Open for 52nd Annual Holiday Afloat Parade

PORT OF LOS ANGELES -- It's time to decorate those vessels for the 52nd annual L.A. Harbor Holiday Afloat Parade scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 6.

Sea Lion has Become a Regular at Fishmonger's Shop

This sea lion is one of the regulars at a fishery as she stands on her flippers patiently queuing up for her fish supper.

New Slip Plan Headed for Chula Vista Marina

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- The San Diego Unified Port District's Board of Commissioners approved a concept plan to upgrade all slips at the Chula Vista Marina as part of the waterfront's larger plan to become a more attractive destination.

I Kayaked in McCovey Cove for a World Series Game, and it was Awesome

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- There's nothing else in baseball quite like McCovey Cove.

Tracking Sea Turtles as They Swim for Their Lives

When loggerhead turtles hatch on the beach of Boavista, the easternmost of the Cape Verde islands, they head for the water to begin what biologists call a swimming frenzy.

Vince Sardina’s Labor of Love on the San Salvador

There are not many times in life that you meet a person you don't want to say goodbye to. This was not a romantic endeavor, but rather a person that is so genuine, so humble that you obtain energy just from being with him.

CDFW Unveils a New Internet Fishing Guide

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- If you're looking to hook a fish or two or more, you'll want to access the new California Department of Fish and Wildlife online Fishing Guide. This new and improved service will help novice and experienced anglers plan successful fishing trips.

Edmonds' Own Bob Ernst Builds Legacy Rowing Program at UW

Bob Ernst knew it was a rare opportunity 40 years ago: A chance to coach in one of the country's most prestigious rowing programs.

Kitsap County Ferry Pilot Carries on 5-Decade Routine

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- After a half century of piloting ferries across Sinclair Inlet, youd think Willis "Bill" Nearhoff could do it with his eyes closed.

Splash! Incredible Moment Playful Humpback Soaks a Boat Load of Whale Watchers

This is the moment when a playful humpback breached out of the water and splashed down a whole boatload of whale watchers.


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