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First 22 Giveaway Kicks off Beneteau’s “30 Years in the USA” Campaign

ANNAPOLIS, Md.,--Beneteau announces the giveaway of a new First 22 sailboat during the upcoming United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Oct. 8-12, 2015. The giveaway is part of Beneteau's 30th Anniversary celebrating 30 years of boat building in the U.S. Show goers who purchase their tickets online and are eligible to win will be automatically entered.

Whales, Sea Life in Monterey Bay Featured on 'Big Blue Live' on PBS

NEW YORK--PBS is bringing a live whale watch into the nations living rooms--and throwing in some seals, sea otters, dolphins and pelicans.

Six Reasons to Consider Kayak Fishing Now

In the last decade, kayak fishing popularity has exploded. The fact one can get into a quality fishing kayak for $1,000 to $3,000 made it an attractive option for serious anglers. Not to mention their easy portability and launchability of a kayak gives anglers access to waters they were otherwise blocked from fishing, which often means a bounty of eager-to-bite fish.

The Last Voyage of the Vollmer Twins

The flyers began appearing on walls and doors in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, during the first week of August.

Keel-Laying for New US Nuclear Ship

The keel laying is the symbolic beginning of a ship's construction and the ceremony saw the ship's sponsor, Caroline Kennedy, declare the keel "truly and fairly laid".

200-Year-Old Ship Found Under Md. Bridge

VIENNA, Md.--While clearing debris under the Nanticoke Memorial Bridge in Vienna, State Highway Administration workers uncovered one of the oldest Maryland-built shipwrecks ever discovered, made in the 18th century.

7 Must-See Yachts You'll Find at the Cannes Yachting Festival

The French Riviera is well known for attracting some of the worlds most glamorous people and most of the world's most outrageous superyachts during the Cannes Film Festival. But if you really want actually "see" a large collection of large yachts (in some cases actually get aboard and take one youre interested in buying in out for a test-drive), the Cannes Yachting Festival is where you want to be in September.

Sunbrella ‘Uncharted Waters’ Documentary Offers Insider View of the Journey to the Olympic Games

What makes elite athletes tick? What is it like to live your dream every day in hopes of a star performance at the Olympics? These are a few of the themes that 'Uncharted Waters,' a documentary following athletes on the US Sailing Team Sperry, will explore in the final year of their journey toward a spot on the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams that will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

President Bush Sails with Disabled Aboard the Impossible Dream

(KENNEBUNKPORT, ME) - Former President George HW Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush set sail today with the crew of the Impossible Dream, a unique catamaran designed for disabled sailors, a chance for the watermen and activists to thank the 41st President of the United States for signing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) into law in the summer of 1990.

Mystery Yacht Inspires Australian to Visit Penzance

A FORMER builder from Australia will be trekking around the world this September in order to solve the mystery of the boat he has been restoring for just under two decades. Leon Fisher, has been restoring a yacht since 1993 but yearns to know more of its origin, he can only trace it back as far as 1976 when it was in a derelict condition on the Penzance dockside.

Sea Lion Spotted Eating Shark off San Diego Coast

SAN DIEGO (CBS 8)--Sea Lions dont often get good odds going up against sharks. However, the tables were turned in the waters off the San Diego coast this weekend.

A Norwegian Artist Wants to Raise a Storied Ship Using Some Really Big Balloons

Even during an era of great explorers tackling the nigh impossible, the Norwegian seaman Roald Amundsen was sui generis: He discovered the fabled Northwest Passage through Canada; he led the first crew to reach the South Pole, and was the first explorer to successfully reach both poles.

Hybrid-Powered Megayachts Come with Green Bragging Rights

In the new arms race of conspicuous environmentalism, the wealthy have been building green mansions, driving hybrid supercars and buying carbon offsets for their private jets. But now the eco-conscious rich have reached a new high-water mark: the hybrid megayacht.

SeaVault Mega-Yacht Marina Slip Sales Begin

SeaVault is a state-of-the-art megayacht marina complex in Miami with 14 of the worlds most elaborate yacht berths, all available for individual, deeded slip ownership, for vessels up to 230 feet (70 meters) in length.

The Ocean Cleanup Prepares for 2020 Pacific Cleanup, Successfully Completes Mega Expedition Reconaissance Mission

The Ocean Cleanup successfully concluded the Mega Expedition with the arrival of a first group of vessels including the fleets 171ft mothership in the port of San Francisco today. Using a series of measurement techniques, including trawls and aerial surveys, the fleet of close to 30 vessels sampled the concentration of plastic during its month-long voyage through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is in preparation for the large-scale cleanup of the area, set to begin in 2020.


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