Wake Up and See Better

Posted: May 1, 2013

Wake Polarized Sunglasses $89.99

By: Shane Scott

These glasses from Guideline Eyegear are definitely made to block glare. Whether I was wearing them during a midday visit to my favorite hot tub or a sunny beach trip, the product definitely proved its functional worth. Not only were they great at protecting my eyes from unwanted sun and very comfortable to wear, but the Wakes actually made a lot of things look cooler/sharper — I noticed this last weekend during a waterfall hike in Orange County. If you have long hair, I recommend slow and deliberate action for removing the glasses from your face. I lost a few strands of hair to the merciless locking hinges, which hold the glasses firmly on your head. Wake glasses come in brown tiger tortoise and shiny black/gray frames, with lenses to match.

Guideline Eyegear; (866) 842-3474; glpolarized.com

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