Quick-Acting Flushing

Posted: December 1, 2012

MultiPurpose Strainer Starting at $400

By: Ambrosia Brody

Faster engine or generator flushing on a larger boat can be accomplished in minutes with Perko’s new flushing strainer. The product not only simplifies cleaning, maintenance and season-end winterizing tasks but acts as an emergency bilge pump. The strainer features mounting lugs cast into both sides for universal mounting, and the strainer basket is constructed of 316 stainless steel to minimize galvanic corrosion and can be easily removed for cleaning. The unit has normal and flush modes. Available in ½-, ¾-, 1- and 1¼-inch pipe sizes, the strainer is constructed of cast bronze and stabilized with four tie rods.

Perko; (305) 621-7525; perko.com

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