Keeping an Eye on the Action

Posted: December 1, 2012

KEPM-CAM $4,900

By: Ambrosia Brody

Cruisers searching for a camera and video recording system should look at KEP Marine’s KEPM-CAM. Available in two models, the KCAM-RAC and KEPMCAM-RAC-AC, the systems are part of the company’s high-quality marine product lineup. They feature tamperproof software with date- and time-stamping capabilities that satisfy tournament-fishing regulations, motion detection, and alarm and remote access via modem or smartphone. The KCAM-RAC includes a 2 TB rack-mount digital recording system, 8 GB of memory and an Intel i5 processor. The KEPMCAM-RAC-AC includes a 4 TB digital recording system, 16 GB of memory, an Intel i7 processor and 500 GB of removable storage. The computer systems for both models include an Intel i5 and i7 microprocessor and can support up to 16 feeds.

KEP Marine; (800) 631-2165;

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