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Posted: July 1, 2012  |  Tag: Galley

By: John Temple

We never seem to be able to finish all of the fish I catch. I usually freeze the extra fish, but I have thought about smoking it. Do you have any suggestions for a smoker on a boat?
There are several smaller smokers that work on board. My wife, Candy, and I have used both a Sportsman Smoker and a Little Chief. There are also some folding smokers available.

One issue to consider is where to put the smoker. Many marinas frown on any type of barbecuing on their docks. The other issue is using a smoker on board. There are lots of precautions to take. Some marinas may have an onshore smoker for you to use, but they are hard to find. I do have another suggestion.

Several years back, we started using our Magma charcoal barbecue grill for smoking. Most boat grills are gas, but we love the flavor charcoal creates. We actually have two grills, one set up for the port rail and one for the starboard. Then, once we have lots of food, we light them both up. Whatever grill you use, just use less heat or fewer charcoal bricks, and smoke the fish for a few hours. If you use a gas device, buy some specially made smoking chips to put in the gas grill. We use them with the charcoal, too. Just smoke it all slowly.

When you catch fish or shellfish, put them in brine that night, and smoke them the next day. Fresh-smoked fish (salmon for us, typically) just can’t be beat by any store-bought smoked salmon.

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Posted By: cliff a On: 7/20/2012

Title: clff @sea

master built has an electric smoker that has a low power draw 110 you only have to add a small amouunt of wet wood chips at the begiining of smoking ive smoked some large two foot trout whole in about 4 hrs aafter brining

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