Soda Maker a Space Saver

Posted: November 1, 2012  |  Tag: Galley

By: John Temple

We have limited storage space on our boat. When we are on a long trip, carrying soda, tonic, cola, root beer, sparkling water, etc., can take up a lot of space. I have heard about soda makers. Do they work?
Yes. I recently purchased a simple-to-use soda maker from SodaStream (, which is fantastic for a boat. The soda maker requires no power, using a relatively small CO2 cylinder, one of which can make up to 60 liters of soda, and comes with some samples. It uses regular tap water (we use our onboard filtered water).

We go to Canada for several weeks at a time, so storing enough diet soda was a real issue. You can’t buy commercial diet soda in Canada, because it usually contains saccharin, which is banned there. SodaStream’s diet flavors use Splenda. Now, we don’t have to store enough diet soda for several weeks, and when we shop we don’t have to haul back that heavy soda. This almost beats having a bread-maker on board.

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