Extra Engine TLC

Posted: September 1, 2013  |  Tag: Engines

By: John Temple

On our twin diesel engines, we change our oil, oil filters, water filters and fuel filters once a year. What else should we be doing?
First, depending on use, I might suggest changing oil at the end of the season and before the season. It’s a little extra precaution that can help an engine last longer. Don’t forget to change gear fluid to specs.

As to the extra things, start with closely inspecting all the hoses and belts. Replace them if there is any question. Replace the raw-water impellers every three years, and sooner if there is more wear and you came close to losing them before replacement. Check the air cleaners; remove them to look down the throat, and replace them as necessary. Search closely for any leaks, both while nothing is running and at full throttle. Keep clean pads under the engines so you can see any new problems. That’s the easiest stuff.

Periodically inspect the injectors and replace or rebuild as necessary. I suggest once every five years, or per manufacturer specs. Valves need to be inspected and adjusted every five years or as the manufacturer recommends. Both of these issues could make a difference in performance. Valve adjustment can also avoid a huge expense if one was to break because of being too tight.

Last, and this sometimes is not specified, closely inspect the gear cooler and intercooler, if you have one, looking for oil or water leaking. “Periodically” remove, inspect and rebuild as necessary.

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